FitQuest is one of the most popular new trends in physical fitness. Powered by ActivTrax, the free app is especially helpful for busy families who may not have a lot of money or time to devote to tracking their daily workout activity. The app is easy to use, and it can benefit every member of the family, regardless of age or physical ability.

What’s more, the FitQuest app, or Activtrax, can be used in conjunction with any physical fitness program. While you may gain extra benefits by using the FitQuest app at a YMCA FitQuest gym or athletic program (more on that later) the app can just as easily be used on the beach, at the park or in your living room.

Read on to find out more about how a FitQuest physical fitness program can support your family’s fitness quest.

A mom and her young daughter are doing push-ups together as part of their Fitquest fitness quest.

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What is FitQuest?

No matter what your fitness goals, the FitQuest/ActivTrax app may be just the right tool to help you (and every member of your family) reach your own personal fitness goals.

FitQuest is a revolutionary new approach to physical fitness training. The ActivTrax app makes it easy for users to track their core fitness goals. The program is different from other fitness and physical training programs because it can be used during any type of physical activity. Whether you enjoy rock climbing, softball, yoga or some other exercise routine, the app makes it easy for you to set goals and measure your progress in five critical core areas.

What Are the FitQuest Core Fitness Goals?

The FitQuest or ActivTrax app allows you to track your progress in five key areas: motor sensory control, muscular strength and endurance, speed ability, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. The app also measures upper and lower body strength in these critical areas.

The FitQuest app also uses a series of tests to measure your core abilities. Each fitness test takes less than five minutes but provides the user with detailed information about their core strengths. For example, there is a balance test which measures motor sensory control. The push-ups test, jump test and step test measure strength and endurance. The step tests also measure speed ability. Use the app to test your current skills and track your progress over time.

The app’s flexibility to be used during different physical activities makes it an excellent feature for every member of the family. Whether you are teaching your preschooler about the benefits of exercise or encouraging grandma to keep up with her senior yoga classes, the FitQuest app is designed to help.

How Does the App Help Track Progress at a Quest Gym?

A physically fit woman is using gym equipment to build upper body strength as part of her Fitquest fitness routine.

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Quest gyms are unique because they offer personal fitness quests and personalized training in the same core areas identified above. A Quest gym, sometimes known as a Quest Fitness Center, can help you determine your core strengths and weaknesses. A personalized trainer can also work with you to develop a physical fitness routine that meets your personal goals and needs.

The app works with the equipment at Quest gyms, fitness centers, and athletic clubs. The FitQuest gym’s workout equipment communicates with the cloud, storing your health data and tracking your performance each time you use it. The technology helps you make the most of your workout every single time you visit the gym.

As explained by on FitQuest’s website here:

“The FitQuest machine sends results to our cloud database allowing users to access their measurement results and track their fitness progress trends on their desktop PC, tablet or smart phone through our web portal solution, FQscore. FQscore is your digital solution for member engagement, keeping your operation relevant in a rapidly changing fitness and wellness world.”

In case you’re still a bit confused, watch the short video below from which explains more about the YMCA’s FitQuest program:

More About the YMCA’s FitQuest Program

A YMCA FitQuest program can create a custom workout just for you. You can also get help with using the FitQuest app, or Activtrax program. Participants can schedule an appointment to meet with a YMCA fitness coach. A trainer will even teach you some baseline core exercises to get you started. They will also show you how to use the Quest gym equipment to get the most of your strengthening routine. Appointments only take about 30 minutes. That’s perfect for busy families who may not have a lot of time to spare.

Many YMCA Quest gyms offer trial memberships and one day passes. These allow you to check out the program before committing to a membership. Other FitQuest programs give users the chance to earn YMCA gear just by participating in a personal fitness quest. If you do choose to join a YMCA FitQuest gym, the program is included in the cost of membership. To find out more about joining a YMCA Quest Fitness program, follow this link. You may also find a FitQuest Athletic Center in your area.

What Users Are Saying About FitQuest

FitQuest trainer and user, Marcel Andrä of Quest Vitality, explains how the program works. Watch the short video below, courtesy of FitQuest on YouTube.

Other users describe the program as fun, easy and time-saving. Not surprisingly, one of the most important features of the FitQuest app is the cost. Nothing beats free. Parents love the app because it is convenient and readily-accessible using any cell phone. The app is available for download through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Featured image: CC by A-SA 4.0, by Simongrizon, via Wikimedia

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