Getting your kids out of the house and working out can often be a challenge. It can also be hard to get yourself out of the house and working out when you’ve got kids. However, if you create a workout a home that you can both do it’s ideal.

There are many different ways you can create a workout routine that both you and your kids will love. The best part is you don't even have to leave the backyard.

Let’s take a look at what a bootcamp is and how to create your own DIY bootcamp that your kids can enjoy as well.

What is a Bootcamp Workout?

Bootcamp Team Training Workout

Bootcamp is a type of exercise regime that’s been used around the world as an effective way to get fit and stay active.

From personal trainers, gyms and military personnel, bootcamp has been tried and tested by all. The way a bootcamp is designed is to help you build up your fitness and strength through many different high-intensity exercises that fall within a concentrated time frame. 

Bootcamp typically lasts an hour. The fad for bootcamps began in America and was brought over to the United Kingdom in 1999. Ever since then, they have been a hugely popular way for individuals and groups to stay active and work out. 

One of the things you’ll notice if you’ve ever done a bootcamp is that there’s not a lot in terms of equipment. This is because bootcamp focuses on using your own body strength to intensify your workout.

A bootcamp is great for kids because it requires a concentrated amount of energy. Most kids have plenty of this to go around, which means that an hour of intensified exercise isn’t going to break them.

Let’s take a look at how to prepare for your DIY bootcamp.

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How to Prepare Your Bootcamp

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For your bootcamp at home, you’ll need to set up five stations. While you and the kids will rotate through these stations multiple times, there only needs to be five to accomplish everything.

The beauty of a bootcamp is that you can do this indoors if you want to, as well. However, if you’ve got the backyard space, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t kill two birds with one stone and get the kids out in the sun, too.

Your five stations should represent a rough circle, with enough space between each to do the workouts properly. We recommend marking each station with a label so that you know what you're in for when you get to each one.

Now, here's where the minimal equipment list comes in. At the first station, place a jump rope. At the second, put a medicine ball. At the third station, set two cones at a distance of three or four feet apart.

The fourth station requires a pair of dumbbells. If you don’t have these, you can always use filled water bottles. Leave the fifth station open, without any additional equipment.

Now that you've organized your equipment, let's discuss the workout plan.

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Bootcamp Workout: How it Works

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The entire bootcamp workout is split into three circuits. This means that you and the kids will be visiting each station three times.

When you or the kids land on a station, do the exercise at that station for an entire minute. Once your minute is up, you quickly run to the next station, without stopping for a rest.

Now, here is where you’ll need to concentrate. Do the first circuit two times. This means that you and the kids will rotate through all five stations of the first circuit twice, without having a rest.

Once this has been accomplished, you can have a small 1 to 2-minute break. After your break begin with two rounds of the second circuit, again without resting in between. 

Continue this pattern until you've completed two rounds of the third circuit. Doing two rounds of each course should take you a total of thirty minutes – and the kids may be quicker.

This means that if you want to get in a killer workout and encourage the kids to break a sweat, you can do all three circuits again to bring the time up to sixty minutes. Make sure to rest for a minute or so at the thirty-minute mark.

First Stage of Bootcamp

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We’ve discussed how to set up for bootcamp and how the rotations work. Now, let’s take a look at what each exercise looks like and how they change depending on what circuit you’re doing.

This first stage of your bootcamp workout is the first circuit. Let’s explain the exercises you will all be doing:

  • Basic Jump Rope: Basic jump rope is when you use the rope to jump as quickly as you can, freestyle. There aren’t any tricky moves here – it’s all about speed and agility.
  • Medicine Ball Pushup Pass: This medicine ball strength exercise requires you to get down in a plank position, ready to do some pushups. Placing the medicine ball underneath one hand, lift yourself against it, before transferring it to the other hand. Remember that the workout has to last one minute.
  • Cone Drill: The next station has the cones, which is perfect for a cone cardio workout. Begin in the middle of the cones, and start to run around each one, so you're making a figure-eight pattern.
  • Deadlift Row: Bend your body over halfway so that your torso is just above your waist. Lift the weights – or water bottles – and bring them up to sit beside your chest.
  • High Knees: The last station has no equipment, so run in place while you bring your knees up as high as you can.

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Second Stage of Bootcamp

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After your minute-long break, move on to the next circuit:

  • Crossover Jump: The next jump rope exercise is slightly more complicated. It involves crossing the rope over every time you jump. The kids may need a little practice with this beforehand.
  • Squat Chops: If you’re familiar with a squat, you’ll pick this workout up in no time. Simply go into a squat holding the medicine ball and see how many you can do in a minute.
  • Side Shuffle: Begin by standing in between the cones again. Moving your feet like a crab, shuffle to one side until you tap the top of the cone with your hand. Make your way back across to the other one, repeating the process. See how many of these you can do in a minute.
  • Rear Lunge: This is another workout that you may be familiar with – the lunge. In this exercise, you’re going to be holding your water bottles or dumbbells. Each time you come up from a lunge, bring your weight up to rest against your shoulders.
  • BurpeesThis is another exercise you may have done before – and because the fifth station is freestanding, you can do your burpees without any assistance.

Third Stage of Bootcamp

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If you and the kids have made it through the first two circuits, you're doing great. Let's wrap it up by outlining the last course of your homemade bootcamp:

  • Boxer’s Jump: This jump rope exercise requires a bit of hand-eye coordination. With each rope swing, try to kick your feet out from underneath you. The kids may need help learning how to keep their feet high enough off the ground initially.
  • Crunch and Catch: This next workout is a great way to mix up the classic sit-up. Each time you bring your upper body to meet with your knees, throw the medicine ball in the air and catch it again.
  • Plank Walk: Last time you were at this station, you used your feet to shuffle like a crab to each cone. Now, lie down in the plank position and use your hands to shuffle over to each cone and back again.
  • Squat to Press: You’ve already done squats in this bootcamp – but these ones are slightly different. With these squats, keep the weight at shoulder height when you lunge down. When you bring yourself back up, lift the weights to sit high above your head.
  • Mountain Climb: Get down into a plank position and bring each knee up one at a time to meet your chest. Do this as quickly as possible.

DIY Bootcamp Workout for You and Your Kids

With this high-intensity, rigorous bootcamp, there’s no way your kids will be too tired to go to bed.

It can be hard to workout around the kids – but it’s not impossible. This DIY bootcamp workout is easy to set up and fun to do. 

Both you and the children will be fit in no time.

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